54/11 Teamplay




in cycling we say: who wants to belong to the best, needs an excellent team! We want to bring you unforgettable cycling moments and that is only possible with fun and dedication at work. The 54/11 Bikeholiday Team consists of passionate people, mechanics, who love cycling and enjoy the contact with you as a client.

We look forward seeing you!




I am happy to help our 54/11 Bikeholiday team with my advice, whenever they need. I am pleased to see how our small planned project has developed and I am proud to be part of the team. We professional riders are often no longer close to the roots of the sport and for me it is an enrichment to see how many people do the sport I love in their free time and during their vacation. I often train in Mallorca and of course then I always watch out for our 54/11 Bikeholiday bikes. Maybe we’ll see each other on the road?!


Zdenek Stybar

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